Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows
The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, Cumbria (February 2016)

Chasing shadows 7     Chasing shadows 8

Chasing Shadows is a photographic art collective based in Ireland. Founded in 2010, its members incorporate historic and alternative photographic process into their visual arts practices.  The aim of Chasing Shadows is to enhance the debate between digital and analogue photography creations especially with regard to the historical methodology of photography. From manipulated portraits to the occurrence of perceived ‘nature’ within the urban environment, these works not only demonstrates the flexibility of photographic practice but also acknowledges the origins of the art.

This exhibition has followed on nicely from the OCA “Intermissions” study visit. I am currently contemplating an idea – maybe to incorporate into future assignment for Context and narrative.  Viewing these photographs has provided me with more inspiration for a past/present/memories project.

Digital photography continues to convince practitioners of its potential and flexibility, however it is reassuring that there are still photographers willing to include traditional and historical methods as part of their contemporary practice.

Member Ian Mitton says of his work; “It is an exploration of particular aspects of humanity, especially individual and collective memory. It is an intimate collection of fragmented forms manipulated to evoke larger themes. The scrutiny and assessment of such themes hopefully places the viewer into a dialogue with the work. Re-ordering the visual and confusing its relationship to the world through selection and exclusion emphasises the ephemeral nature of remembrance.”

  Chasing shadows 4       Mitton Garde Children


Created by Ian Mitton, ‘Rocking Horse”, “Beach Boy” and “Garde Children” offer a sense of nostalgia, the dated and historical appearance – the burnt sections and the murky merging colours. More intriguing for me is looking beyond the obvious in an attempt to reveal what “their” world was like, what else is going on in the image? What is the meaning? Is there a story within the image? I would like to translate these ideas into my future projects and experiment with creating more than one generation in one image – an ancestral montage.