Exercise – Sarah Pickering “Public Order”

Sarah Pickering “Public Order”

Look at some images from this series on the artist’s website.

Lola-Court_F  Forced-Entry_F   Violent-Man_F   High-Street_F

  • How do Pickering’s images make you feel?
    Initially I see what appears to be the grey breeze block construction of new buildings, a new town maybe? Then as I move through the images I quickly note there is no sign of life – no people, no animals and no trees. Then I am thinking it is an architectural exercise. However on viewing “Forced Entry” and “Guards/Violent Man” I realise that these are sets, perhaps for a stage or a film set. I can’t say that I felt unease or anything sinister as I looked through the series.
  • Is “Public Order” an effective use of documentary or is it misleading?
    I actually found the images quite uninspiring and although they aroused curiosity, this was minimal. Loosely documentary in that it demonstrates the reassurance that a police training ground is out there somewhere enabling trainees to handle many different situations and scenarios. Misleading? I don’t think so, because the truth is quite soon hinted at (facades) and then revealed.