Note to Assessors

Note to Assessors

Janet Brindle – OCA student: 510832

Formal assessment submission for Photography 1: People and Place

Dear Assessors

Thank you for taking time to review my work. Here is a brief note explaining the contents of my blog and Physical submission.


 My blog can be found at: . Password: PigginBlog57

I am using a single blog for all of my OCA Level One courses.  All of the material for assessment can be found through the Menu heading “People and Place” as follows:

Summative feedback from Formal Assessment: The Art of Photography.

Coursework: learning log exercises and projects.

Assignments (listed A1 – A5):  Planning and preparation – for each assignment.

Submission to tutor: the original submissions.

Tutor feedback and response: my thoughts on tutor feedback, rework ideas.

Formal assessment submission: final assignment submissions, including my reflection for each assignment.

Research of photographers: People and Place.

Exhibitions and Study Visits.


There will be no changes to my People and Place blog content following submission to OCA on 16th May 2016.  Any changes to my blog will relate purely to my next course, Context and narrative.

Additional material – physical submission

 To supplement my blog I have included an A4 clamshell photo box containing the following:

Note to Assessors.

12 x A4 prints – Assignment four “Barrow Island” (these mirror the images in my blog under tab A4 Formal assessment submission).

Many thanks

Kind regards