Summative feedback from formal assessment of TAoP

As I have just commenced my second module “People and Place”, I thought this was a good place to include a brief reflection on the Summative Feedback received following Formal assessment of “The Art of Photography”.

The majority of comments were positive and encouraging considering this was my first module and very early days with my camera.  This was my main area of concern;

Demonstration of creativity: “Some evidence of creativity, little evidence of risk-taking with a few imaginative outcomes, some evidence of a developing personal voice” 

I do need to take more risks and think outside the box in my photography. I am still too busy concentrating on getting the good shot, the correct composition and lighting. Only when I view my images later do I consider what I could have done, more visually creative. This is an area of development I am very aware of and will focus on going forward.

Overall comments There is a real sense of progression here. The evolving database of influential practitioners shows ambition but don’t forget to cite your references, look at the OCA site. It will benefit you to read what critics have to say about the artists and photographers you have selected. Your blog is generally easy to navigate, although your images could be presented larger. To help you further encourage your appreciation of contemporary practice we encourage you to attend study visits, watch the Photographers Talking videos in the student site and look at other students’ work on WeAreOCA.  

Good to read that a sense of progression is visible, considering this is my first attempt at studying for many a year and being new photography – very encouraging! I have made it a priority to note down reference details as I go along, although occasionally I find it difficult to locate the origin of a quote for example. With regard to image size, for People and Place I am already displaying much larger images in my blog. I am looking forward to attending study visits where and when possible in this coming year (somewhat restricted in the previous module due to weekend family commitments and the distance required to travel to events – limited number of events in the north-west). I continue to watch the OCA videos and do enjoy viewing other student work.