Exploring function

This exercise allows  me to start thinking about a way of approaching space that focuses on how it was intended to be used and whether or not its design was successful. I will then translate this thought process into an image.

I chose an artist’s studio, a small space in an old building divided into units where visitors can view different crafts people at work. First I compiled a list of what the space ought to be doing:-

  • providing space to work
  • adequate lighting
  • space to display pieces of work
  • storage
  • welcoming to visitors

Initial thoughts are that the space is too small for a working studio. There is a stone wall absorbing too much of the artificial light produced by spotlights – some of which are not working. There are no windows so only the doorway provides natural light. There is little space for viewers and upon entering the doorway, one feels as though they are intruding into personal space. The space is cluttered. Therefore in my opinion the space is not effective for the function.

These are some of the initial photos I took of the space.

DSC_2133    DSC_2132    DSC_2135DSC_2139      DSC_2141


My final photograph shows how the artist works in the available space.