A1 Tutor feedback and response

Assign 1 feedback pdf

A well researched assignment with a strong outcome that has great connection with the subject. Although lacking some technical finesse, the techniques can be developed, but your empathy with the subject produces some very strong images….The delightful subject is a natural, who you have ensured is relaxed, The extensive time you have spent with the subject shows you have considered the assignment, devoting the necessary time and delivered a strong series of images. The final edit communicates the many facets of a child who has been observed and directed, be it subtly.

This is pleasing to read as I did put a lot of effort into getting this assignment right. The subject although “delightful” was as any two year old would be, full of energy and life! This created a challenge in that I had to win him over and show a lot of patience. It paid off.

However there are issues with the flash lighting that require attention, a technical issue, but something that impacts on the final outcome. The harsh shadows in some of the images produces a communication that the reader can be distracted by.

I agree wholeheartedly with these comments. I do seem to have some degree of difficulty with lighting as a whole, especially indoors. I do not have a separate flash unit as yet, but take on board the feedback and advice and will experiment more in the coming months.

The extensive blog shows a great deal of research and successful completion of exercises. It is very strong and shows that you are well engaged with the module.

I like to work my way through the exercises steadily and then revisit and learn some more. This is my preferred style of learning – I need to read a lot, make notes and need time to reflect and process thoughts in order to ensure I have absorbed the knowledge.

expression 1

The images set against a blanket & sofa, works well as the flash ‘shadow’ is not obvious , this is a successful use of the direct flash on camera. This is because the flash is above the subject and creates a  shadow under the child’s chin, a ‘natural’ look that is acceptable.

pose 2

This image, an ‘action’ shot is taken in the portrait format and the flash is to the left of the camera and produces a shadow behind the child, this is not a great issue , but the effect could have been improved by –

  1. the flash is used as a light source that is ‘bounced’ off the ceiling or a suitable (ideally white) wall , this produces a much larger ‘natural’ light that still illuminates the subject but also ensures that shadows are less harsh and the reader is not aware of the lighting, but engages with the subject.  As I cannot afford to buy a separate flash unit just yet, I experimented with a desk lamp angled upwards, there was some improvement. 

2.  the flash is ‘modified’ with a diffuser – there are many available ,some are small ‘softboxes’ that fit over the flash. Others are ‘ plastic’ soft tops and other more sophisticated ‘ring lights’ all reduce the harsh flash by diffusion and enlarging the source.    My large freestanding, homemade diffuser is a bit cumbersome. Instead I compromised by covering the built-in flash on my camera with some nylon fabric, somewhat unrefined but it worked! The results can be seen below. 











YouTube offers this as a quick fix, inserting some tin foil into the foam cup acts as a reflector.





3. using natural light, as you have in some instances, increase the ISO and shoot.

I have begun to address these issues/comments as will be seen in my final submission images. I was able to retake a couple of the shots at a later date.  Max kindly obliged and enjoyed being in the limelight once more (his grandma even rooted out the same outfit!).

The image of the boy , backlit and laying on his side ,is a strong example of using ‘natural’ lighting, the lack of strong shadows informs the reader that this is ‘real’ and has a quality that ensures the image  has an ’honest’ quality .The blanket has also helped ’bounce’ light into the face . For this shot I used the natural light from the window taking advantage of the sunny day. 

The image is unconventional as the subject is on his side, although engaging with the camera. I believe this is the most successful and subjectively most satisfactory of your submission.

head shoulder 6

The extensive BLOG ,shows a great deal of research and successful completion of exercises, it is very strong and shows that you are well engaged with the module.

I was particularly struck by your research on colours, the image of the house with green windows was a strong observation and maybe worthy of more exploration ? Maybe such observations should be taken more seriously as they can produce work that is separate from the course, but can add to the learning process outside of the briefs . Interesting comment and definitely food for thought, possibly for a future OCA assignment.

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