Capturing the moment

Again the brief suggests finding a “comfortable situation” and concentrating on bursts of activity, from which I try to capture a “best” moment. It goes on to say that “judging and capturing the moment that works best for you in an image is an important step in progressing your photography of people”. There are two parts to capturing the moment: deciding what it should be, and capturing it – though not necessarily in that order; i.e. shoot carefully until I know I have captured it, or shoot more freely and choose the key frame later in editing.

During my trip to York I had this exercise in mind. Whilst I did not find any “bursts of activity”, I did spot these two opportunities for capturing the moment.

002    021

Eating lunch on the go.                                              “Selfie”.

050          111

Left: Catching the moment the gent steps into the shop conveys more agility than his disability scooter suggests.  Right: A moment’s laughter.

057   Capturing a different kind of moment….the man’s expression implies that he may have a lot of his mind. The Mind shop sign reinforces the message.

So thinking about repetitive action that would allow me time to choose the frame or shoot many and choose later, I set out again with my camera. I wanted to be able to demonstrate how I chose my “capturing the moment” image by displaying all my shots here prior to editing.



For me the “telling moment” is capturing the artist working with two pencils in one hand!