A public space

The final exercise asks me to transfer my attention from an organised occasion to a semi-organised public space. I am to try to capture the sense of varied use – how people make their own personal or small-group activity within the same general area. A sunny March day in York Museum Gardens gave me such an opportunity.


006   066   039   030

Dining al fresco in the early spring sunshine, all sporting weatherproof jackets, just in case. All pre-occupied with consuming their lunch rather than consuming the surroundings.

019   017    020

Photo opportunity – whatever it takes!

027   024   064

A walk in the park or a short cut? All appear to be in a hurry.

014   026   036

Sharing the moment – or social media messages?


Art in the park.


I love this one.  A couple sharing a bench, taking in the air and scenery while “Victor Meldrew” snoozes. Note how he sits tightly at one end of the bench – to rest his elbow or free up space for potential companionship?


What have I learnt? I am an observant individual (a nosey parker really), and was pleased with the variety of subjects and their activities I was able to capture. I am always curious as to what people are thinking and what may be happening in their lives. I enjoyed this exercise and could easily have spent hours and hours people watching and snapping away. Because of the venue, having my camera was not really an issue. I did however feel I was encroaching on my subjects personal space, intruding in the thoughts of those sitting peacefully.