Standing back

I am to produce an “across the street” image. Using a medium telephoto lens allows distance between me and the subject. Taking care not to include too much of the surroundings or background, I took the following;

024     041

It takes two!


074   011

044   043

Time for a spot of lunch. Note that I have been spotted by the girl in the third image!


   014    038

Against the clock and……                                       ……all the time in the world


122      123

088   089

I had the time with these  images to zoom in and capture expression.

If I had to choose one, it would be the image below. This was taken a couple of days before Mothers Day, I may be wrong but the man’s expression tells me he is thinking fondly of his elderly Mum as he chooses suitable cheery gift.



What have I learnt?

I note that when zooming in for shots like this that my subjects appear static, as they do in my “capturing the moment” shots. I think this allows the viewer to closely study the expression and intent of the image.

This was an easier exercise for me as I was able to stand back and have time to consider what I wanted in the frame. The distance between me and my subject gave me more confidence to “get up close and personal”. With most of the above there were second and third takes due to passing pedestrians blocking my view or trying to get in on the act! I also had to be aware of distracting subject matter in the background (and/or foreground).