Experimenting with light

Head and shoulder portraits that are different in lighting effect.

2-091    Half and half: The subject’s face is in half shade. The left side is nicely lit by the sun and one can feel the warmth. The hair is highlighted silvery-grey. The right side is shaded, has no shadows and softens the lines on the face. Interestingly, I find that I am drawn to the shaded side first before moving to the more brightly lit left.

146 - Copy   This is an unflattering shot. The subject is looking directly into the sun. The face is distorted and featureless. Unwelcome shadows from the glasses hide the eye and the face as a whole is flat.

Prague 009 - Copy   The other extreme. This shot was taken when the sun was close to the horizon. The subject is looking into the sun and therefore has his eyes partly closed. The face as a whole is in shade and the eyes are too dark and unrevealing. The image lacks any modelling effect. The white flash on the hat brings some welcome light into the shot.

2-118  This image was an experiment, using artificial (fluorescent) light and daylight through the window. The face is softly lit and quite flattering. On reflection (excuse the pun!), I could have asked my subject to turn towards the camera more. I like the reflection in the window, and note how harsh, flat and severe the expression is in the dull light.