Assignment four – final submission

OCA assignment 4 (72dpi)title

For this assignment I chose my vintage Kodak Brownie camera. I have submitted two images for each theme.


Definition; The external form, contours, or outline of someone or something.

vintage camera 031

Minimal detail is required for shape. I angled two lights on to the background for a silhouette appearance. Using a shiny black surface board I was able to capture the reflection of the subject to reinforce and add interest to the shape.


shape 4

This image also shows the outline of the subject clearly and most of the detail is in shadow. To strengthen the shape the light is overhead and highlighting the rise and fall of the bellows. I chose a square frame to compliment the shape of the subject.



Definition; Configuration of something – shape and structure, how the elements are united.  


Here we are asked to show as much depth as possible. This is what gives any object its form (3D effect).   In this shot I have included areas of changing light and shadows, the flat image now becomes something which provides the visual information needed to recognise the subject’s form.

form 3

My second shot shows the light changing from dark to light. Where the light falls away, your mind starts to fill-in what the dark might look like even though you cannot see it.



Definition; The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.


I used a single diffused light lowered to less than a 45 degree angle to the subject in order to cast light shadows. In contrast, other texture visible is the smooth gold metal.


texture 4

The focus for this texture shot was on the subject camera’s worn strap.
To get a visual “feel” I had to focus in close and for the light source I used the built-in flash on the camera. The harsh light enhances the “grain” while gently touching the top of the wording, bringing the eye in to the detail. One can almost “feel” the texture.



Definition; The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

colour (subject 1)

This shot shows the natural colours of the subject. Although black is technically not a colour, I have shown it to contrast with the gold and silver colour of the other metal parts. The shot was front lit using a soft box to diffuse the light, giving a softer edged finish to the subject.

colour 1

For my second colour shot I decided to experiment with colour effects.  The red shadow accentuates the otherwise dull black in a creative way.  Other coloured acetates were placed randomly on the table and I panned the camera across the dangling subject camera. The shiny surface board results in a paler, softer hues spilling out around the subject. The light source was diffused and placed to the front left.