2013 The Art of Photography


I emailed  my tutor, to discuss my “blogless” approach and possible alternatives. I need to stop worrying and wasting time fiddling around trying to get a blog up and running. Less techy stuff and more photography!! Now looking into Dropbox.com and Google Docs/Drive….

……I have resorted to PowerPoint for my next assignment – Elements of design.

Just returned from our fabulous road trip touring New Zealand. So many photo opportunities. I was able to use my new skills to observe and capture colour, lines, shapes and stunning settings.

P1050806  P1050830   DSC_5564

DSC_3969   DSC_4218   DSC_4206

Thanks to our Kiwi friends, we were granted permission to look around the home of the late  photographer Brian Brake.

P1020983    P1020984     P1020985

The centre image is still on display in the house. “Offerings to the Unknown Dead” – Kyoto 1964. A masterpiece of colour  and emotion. Brake was renowned for his narrative work around the world. I intend to include him in my research file of photographers.



Above: This interesting image (portraying pattern) caught my eye while flicking through an old National Geographic magazine. It was taken by Juhani Kosonen of Finland. A mosaic of water drops, each reflecting the sky and nearby buildings. This shot is good for colour too as it displays what I call the crayon box colours; primaries – red, yellow, blue and a hint of green.


Trip to Amsterdam. Visit to the Rijks Museum.

IMG_0001   Vermeer1    vermeer2

When I first saw the works of Vermeer, I was astounded by the richness and brilliance of the colours and how well preserved they were. The Dutch master was limited to a palette of  twenty colours, but he used them well to create an intensity and depth that is as close to real, as real! See research tab for more detail

We also visited the “Foam”, a photographic gallery in Amsterdam. There was an exhibition of work by photographer Joss McKinley “Gathering Wool”.

IMG_0002        McKinley plant      IMG_0003

“Gathering wool” means daydreaming, originating from the time when farmers’ wives and daughters enjoyed quiet moments while they gathered the wool left behind by sheep in the bushes and hedges. McKinley’s project is concerned with the human desire for nature, time, peace and quiet. See research tab.




I carry my colour circle around with me everywhere I go (as well as my camera) – just in case…..

Andi Robinson   Sheep wool   140


Some delays due to family health issues. My photography has been placed on the back burner while I drive up and down the M6 to care for my elderly Mum.


Hopefully back on track now to complete my colour assignment. I am also doing more work for my Research of Photographers  file.

Whistler poster I visited this exhibition while I was working up in Scotland. It was interesting to study his watercolours and see how well  pastel colours work together. A departure from all the strong, bright colours I was studying for my colour projects and assignment. See research tab.



A friend joined me for another day course with Maria at lake-district-light. This time we spent the day in and around Keswick. I enjoyed taking this scene from different aspects and then using Lightroom to alter the mood in black and white.

Brougham Mrketing n Multi exposure     Brougham Mrketing n Multi exposure     Brougham Mrketing n Multi exposure

Then to Lake Dewentwater for a bit of slow shutter speed work. There were children feeding the birds so we spent a good half hour capturing the birds in flight.

Some not quite right – although I do like the shot on the right for the detail of the bird’s wings.

DSC_7902      DSC_7958

These were better for an ethereal look.

Brougham Mrketing n Multi exposure      Brougham Mrketing n Multi exposure   DSC_7977