about me

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I live in a remote and wonderful valley in Cumbria 5 minutes from the border of the North Yorkshire Dales. I originate from the contrasting Cheshire Plain where my family and friends still live. I live only a short drive from the west coast so have the best of all worlds and no excuses for not getting out and about with my camera! I am married to David – recently retired. 

My background: My past career was in retail management. Following redundancy in 2001, I became a freelance recruitment consultant. The recent economic climate has meant a reduction in my workload and freed up time to develop my interest in photography. I thoroughly enjoy “people watching” and analysing why people behave as they do. This links in nicely to photography.

Why am I doing the course? I have a vivid imagination and tend to “observe and feel” things that I would like to capture. However, because I cannot draw or paint, I feel the best way for me to encompass the moment or tell the story, is to capture it in my camera. I commenced this course as a complete novice following a one day photography course. I realised I had a latent creative side of my personality which I always suspected, but felt I must develop further.

What I hope to gain: To improve my photographic and creative skills and take my hobby to a higher level. Also, for me to gain a qualification at degree level would be a huge boost to my self confidence by way of personal achievement.